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State Travel Series #04 | PARIS

Written by Vivian

It doesn't feel right to start this blog post without saying, Bonjour!

Paris, at last.

It has been a dream of mine to explore this beautiful city (though I never thought to do it solo).

My first impression was, "IT IS pretty..."

Picturesque at every corner I have to admit.

But its charm, is definitely more than just standing-still-being-pretty.

I made a lot of plans, none of them worked out (okay, that's exaggerating, some did),

but everything turned out to be better than I imagined it would

(so, ditch all the plans).

It was raining the first day I came, so there was no such thing as having picnic at the park.

The brighter side of it, the Jardin was all mine to explore...

and not forget to mention, the coffee + crepes tasted even better this way.

It was labour day, the next day, so every shop was closed.

Everyone was out enjoying the sun.

Alleys after alleys, I let myself got lost a little, enjoying the ambience, following where my feet took me, until I was drawn to the smell of espresso & croissant at the corner of the street.

So there I sat, again reassured that "Paris is more than just pretty"

Then I continued my strolling,

More cobbled streets, arrays of trees, and art galleries.

People and dogs passing by, the street was indeed a theatre on its own.

As if telling stories to those who wanted to listen.


Beautiful inside out...

If only you take more time to see with your own eyes (and perhaps, open mind).

*and less from your phone screen - also guilty as charged.

So here are some snaps I took while being the flâneur (as they call it)



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