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We're State Photography

A group of passionate young people, determined to

create beautiful masterpieces through our lenses. It's a

pleasure for us to work in this field and be inspired by

your love stories everyday.

We believe that every love story is beautiful and You

should embrace your uniqueness, stay true to

yourselves, and be romantic in your own ways.

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing two

people being honest about how they feel for each other.

Because that gleam in your eyes and those little

gestures of yours, definitely cannot lie when you're

genuinely in love.

These are the kind of stories we want to share to the world 

The kind of stories that are Romantic, Timeless and Sincere.

The kind of stories that hopefully will inspire you.



Those who know me will notice that soft color palettes and raw emotions are a few of my favorite things. I find myself fascinated by happy people, pretty little details, and simple gestures, like those spontaneous kisses that make you smile uncontrollably, or those hugs that give you warm and fuzzy feelings. It matters to me, that in capturing those, you don't only look good on the outside but also feel good on the inside.




Many described me as the calmest of the fifth, maybe because I’m easy going in general. In taking pictures, I always try to keep things simple, to make sure people’s personalities can shine.

In the past 7 years being in this industry I have also learned on how important it is to tell stories through my pictures.

I hope that through my artwork people can be brought back in time to their very special day so they can be reminded on how they feel and cherish them for years to come.



When I first introduce myself to people, they usually see me as a shy person. But perhaps, I’m just the kind of guy who is more (or too) talkative after things are warmed up.

Being a photographer allows me to meet new people and listen to many moving & inspiring relationship stories. It energizes me seeing people burst in laughter, enjoying every bit of their special day. I get all pumped up when the party starts, the music is played and people raise their glasses, cheering as the couple walks in, or starts kissing. It reminds me that in the middle of this chaotic world, love gives us a hint of fairytale.




I love shooting weddings because I love seeing people at their peak of happiness. People say that I’m quiet in nature, but I guess it makes me a good observer, capturing every little moment as they unfold. 


the stolen glances... the happy tears… the loving embrace...


I believe every wedding should be unique, intimate, and personalised. It should be the way you want it to be. So, let loose and be yourself. You are your own kind of romantic.


Years of being behind the lens taught me that sincerity is key to creating beautiful photographs. 

I hope, through this collection of memories that I preserve for you, you can always be reminded of the good times and the joy within.




I have always been into photography. It’s captivating, the way we can tell stories through still images, turning fleeting memories into beautiful memorabilia.

My style has always been on the simpler side, gravitating towards a more clean and neat approach, focusing more on raw moments and highlighting the chemistry shared between the couple. 

I hope that these photographs can be my little gift for you to look back in years to come.

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