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State Travel Series #02 | PERTH, WA

Written by Vivian

So last May we were invited to shoot a wedding and a prewedding in Perth, Western Australia. It was our first time visiting this city, but we definitely enjoyed every bit of it. Well Perth is... Charming in its simplicity. It has a laid-back & chillaxing feel to it. The food was awesome, especially the Tiramisu that blew our mind we forgot to take any picture of it (which you can get at Ciao Italia, not sponsored).

If you have some free time, explore the little alleys and the market at Freemantle, have some food fiesta (ramen, pastries, snacks :P) and be inspired by the local goodness. Or just simply enjoy a quiet morning reading your favourite book over a well served brunch & coffee.

Here's a little peek to our adventure that we manage to capture (aside from work) :D


We just can't get over Aussie's clear and crisp blue sky :D #skygasm

Autumn shades

Great burgers here!

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