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She said YES!

Here in our beloved country, a proposal is often celebrated in a more traditional way, where two families are introduced to each other, and the the bride-to-be is presented with a necklace as a symbol of unity. This ceremony embodies respect, love, and the importance of families.

In this special engagement post, we have Felix and Andrea, two creative souls who have finally found each other.

PS: the bride-to-be is one of the amazing people behind the La Reia Cakerie, so prepare yourself for some mouthwatering and delicious-looking dishes in this post.

We adore the concept and every little detail that follows. Of course, we don't expect anything less when both are super talented in their fields :) The concept is fresh, simple, and heart warming. Pure joy indeed, when all could gather as one, celebrating with so much love and laughter.

Decoration: Posh Decoration

Cake: La Reia

Venue: La Reia Ciputra World Surabaya

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