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State Travel Series #01 | United Kingdom

Written by Vivian


Let me introduce you to a brand new segment of our journal.

Travelling plays a big part in our job as photographers, and it is also one of our most treasured privileges to do so. So here we are, creating a new segment called State Travel Series, where we want to share our adventures and take you along with us in our journey.

I don’t really see myself as a hard-core adventurer in any way (definitely not the athletic type I am, but probably my other colleagues are). But I love exploring new places, strolling for hours from one alley to another, getting myself mesmerized by pretty architectures, curating all the good stuffs, immersing myself with the culture, observing people, and of course, indulging the local’s goodness.

It is always a refreshing and an eye opening experience, to wander, to see what the world has to offer, to see what’s out there, to discover something new, and simply, be inspired!

So hope you enjoy reading these new series of ours as much as we enjoy writing them :)


Spent hours and hours on the road, with a view like this, definitely can't complain

If you happen to be around during the Holiday Season, drop by at the Local Christmas Market and get your hands on some baileys hot chocolate, definitely makes the best winter companion

An a decent cup of coffee I suppose

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